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  • What We Do

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    Theater is an immediate art form and a powerful tool that we believe all people can access. Everybody Act! brings trained facilitators with professional backgrounds in the arts and experience in education and community development into schools, OST programs, and community centers. Our programs allow participants of all ages to directly engage in theater workshops that target important issues: making healthy choices, engaging with changing technology, and environmental stewardship to name just a few.
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  • How The Programs Work

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    Our approach to the work is participant centered. We work closely with our partners to investigate the interests and concerns of program participants. Then we develop tailored workshops to meet the needs of each group. The multidisciplinary nature of theater allows us to draw from many tools: acting, improvisation, visual art, puppetry, music, and dance. These varied tools allow opportunities to engage participants with different interests. Our theater making process encourages participants to take on the perspectives of characters whose viewpoints differ from their own. Then we can reflect on why people make the life choices that they do. Ultimately, our work is group problem solving.
  • Outcomes

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    Participating in theater builds self-confidence, engenders a deeper sense of empathy, and allows us to question the world we live in. Making theater requires a group that works well together and the collaborative nature of theater fosters teamwork - an essential skill for job readiness in our modern world. The workforce of the future needs to be both innovative and collaborative. The creativity required for theater making and the innate ensemble building of theater brings out these qualities in Everybody Act! program participants.
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  • Mission

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    Our mission is to use theater to encourage everybody to take action on stage and in life.