5 Discoveries About Presenting Applied Theater Work At An Academic Conference

Conference Attendees Take A Look At Our Puppets

Written by Heather Nielsen, Kevin Ray, and Sherry Teitelbaum

On March 17th, Everybody Act! teaching artists Heather Nielsen, Kevin Ray, and Sherry Teitelbaum returned to our alma mater, The CUNY School of Professional Studies, to make a presentation at the Masters in Applied Theatre program’s inaugural Applied Theatre Lab Conference. Our presentation, Community Celebration, Pollution and Puppets: Developing and Implementing an Applied Theater Project, was a case study of the 2012 planning and implementation of Newtown Creek Celebration: Puppet Parade and Pageant. The presentation touched on every phase of the project, from pitching it to potential community partners, to identifying potential funding sources and securing grant support, to balancing our creative vision with the dynamics that our youth participants brought to the table. In this blog post, we share discoveries we made as we overcame some of the challenges we encountered in presenting our applied theater work. Read More...